Donald Trump

As I write this, it is the day before Christmas Eve and the second night of Hanukkah. In our house, we celebrate both not only because we have Jews in our extended family but also because my wife and I like to celebrate traditions with our son.

Donald Trump

By the time you read this, the U.S. may be at war with Iran and World War III may have begun because we have the dumbest, most impulsive and selfish President in the history of America. Happy New Year.

Jenna Ellis

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at who they surround themselves with. Remember when Donald Trump assured the public that as president, he would have "the best people" working with and for him, and they've all turned out to be incompetent at best?


Paul Gazelka

Genna Gazelka, a 31-year-old who identifies as bi-gender, knows firsthand the pain of conversation therapy, calling it "harassment" and "torture."

John Horvat II

In 1994 the Insane Clown Posse released a record titled "The Terror Wheel." It featured heartfelt classics such as "The Dead Body Man" and "I Stuck Her With My Wang."


Steve Hotze

When I went to the library recently, there was a black man, maybe in his 30s, standing outside collecting signatures. Being civic-minded and nosey, I approached him to see what the signatures were for.

"I'm running for Congress...

Laura Ingraham

Do you have a hobby? Most people do. Personally, I like to read books. I also like to listen to true crime podcasts and heavy metal music. Maybe you like to knit scarves, make art, play video games or go for bike rides.

Iowa House Republicans

When I was in elementary school, I was taught that the Mayflower landed at Cape Cod, and that's how the pilgrims (aka the puritans) arrived in America.

Scott Lively

Once upon a time in a land far, far away — aka Germany — there was an ambassador from the United States. That man "represented our country exceedingly well," according to Donald Trump, and so he was named acting director of national intelligence.

Trump Admin.

Public Service Announcement: Wash your hands – more than you already do. And get yourself a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls and swab down your phone on the daily. As an expert on disease transmission recently said on "This Podcast Will Kill You,"

Donald Trump

Not sure who needs to hear this, but the rapid spread of COVID-19, aka coronavirus, is not a hoax. It is not fake news intended to tank the stock market in order to make Donald Trump look bad.


The federal government's response to COVID-19 has been abysmal, in large part, because we don't have a real president.

Perry Stone

Well, it was only a matter of time before it was revealed that LGBTQ people are responsible for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. It turns out that God is mad about gay marriage.

Donald J. Trump

Currently trending political advice: Do not chug Lysol. Do not inject bleach. Do not smoke Clorox wipes.

Also, add to that list: Do not vote for Republicans. My God, what a sick and dangerous joke is this president and his party.

Robert Jeffress

In the past month, you've no doubt seen headlines like, "Can your marriage survive the coronavirus?" or "15 Tips On How To Stay Married During Quarantine" or "Yep, we're all fighting with our partners right now."

Republican Party

There is a lot to be worried about when it comes to the public health crisis we are currently in. The biggest worry is, of course, getting sick and dying. The second is getting someone else sick and killing them.

Alex Azar

At the time of this writing, 89,564 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. An uninterrupted moment of silence for each person would last 62 days. And yet there is no state of national mourning, which is the loudest thing I have ever heard.

Donald Trump

I'm old enough to remember when the President of the United States wasn't an incurious moron recklessly obsessed with his own image. And this is the man in charge during the worst public health epidemic in recent memory.


I'm writing this on June 1, the beginning of Pride month. Simultaneously, across the country, people are protesting, and tensions are escalating over the issue of racism.

Donald Trump

June may be Pride Month, but it isn't official anymore. Not since Donald Trump became the president. He has never issued an official proclamation declaring June Pride month.

Donald Trump

As I write this, the Supreme Court has just ruled that LGBTQ workers are protected under federal employment discrimination law.

Roger Severino

Even if you know in your heart of rainbow hearts that the president of the United States and the cretins who work for him hate you, you might not realize that this administration is always busy working to further harm LGBTQ people.

Donald Trump

Welp, the Supreme Court issued its abortion ruling that everyone has been bracing themselves for and as it turns out. Wait, reproductive rights won? But Kavanaugh. But Gorsuch.

Mark Chambers

I am thinking of changing the title of this column to "Dispatches from Hell" because I truly feel like every week is just another barrage of awful news stories, most of them with Trump at the center. And SO MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING.

Michael Heath

Corporate America, man. Who knew they had the power to do seemingly impossible things like getting the Washington football team that uses a racial slur as a goddamn mascot to change its name?

Jason Rapert

We still aren't doing enough testing despite Trump's assertions that we do more testing than anywhere else in the world, and if we just didn't test so damn much, we wouldn't have so many cases.

National Straight Pride Coalition

Well, well, well, if it isn't another week in Horror Town, USA. That's just about any town in the country right now, but it's definitely all of the towns in Florida. Every time I watch the news, I feel like I'm suddenly going blind and deaf...

Jerry Falwell Jr.

"Pull your pants up." How many times have we heard this admonishment directed at young Black men? Even Barack Obama, in a 2008 interview with MTV, said, "Brothers should pull up their pants."

Donald Trump

In the middle of a pandemic, Trump is literally destroying the post office right before our eyes because he doesn't want people to be able to vote by mail safely. He'd rather people go to the polls...

Thom Brennaman

As I write this, the first night of the Republican National Convention is a'happening. I'm not watching because I value my life, but much has been made about the lack of, shall we say, star power in the RNC's line up of speakers.

Nick Moutos

The Attorney General's office in Texas is not exactly known for being a friendly place for LGBTQ people. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is NOT a fan, to say the least, and apparently,

James Dobson

In the eyes of James Dobson and other leaders in the far-right corners of Christianity, Donald Trump can do no wrong.

Donald Trump

When I learned that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, I was eating these little peanut butter granola bites I really like. I immediately felt like I was going to be sick. I don't think I'll ever want to eat them again.

Amy Coney Barrett

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a devastating loss. For her family, for the country, for the rule of law. We didn't let her have a single moment of peace in the last years of her life. She didn't get to retire. She didn't get to look back on and celebrate her historic and spectacular legacy.

Donald Trump

Quick, look out your window! You may get a fleeting glimpse of our so-called president waving through the window of a hermetically sealed SUV after testing positive for the novel coronavirus because he just Loves!

Mitch McConnell

It's interesting, no, hypocritical that all Republicans want to do right now is shout about court-packing as if they haven't been packing the court with right-wing extremists during every second of Trump's term.

Tiffany Trump

The Trump Administration is the most anti-LGBTQ administration in history. So the fact that there was a Trump Pride event is insulting all on its own. But Tiffany Trump's rambling speech at the event added to the insult.

Donald Trump

On Monday, Oct. 27, Donald Trump swore in his third Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett under the cloak of night. And like many things that necessitate darkness, it was a sordid affair that will leave a lasting stain.

Donald Trump

As I write this, it is Election Day in America. Millions and millions of people have already voted, and today people are in lines at polls across the country, risking contracting the novel coronavirus in order to cast their votes in person.

Donald Trump

Remember after the 2016 presidential election when Trump supporters reached out to Clinton supporters in an effort to understand and sympathize with our pain and fear?

Samuel Alito

In 2015 the Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision changed my life. That decision meant that Michigan had to recognize my legal marriage to my wife and that as her spouse, I could be covered under her health insurance.

Franklin Graham

December 7, 2020

Donald Trump

December 21, 2020

Joseph Epstein

December 28, 2020